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 Beauty Bliss and Wellness


With the legalization of cannabis, herbalism is on the brink of a new age.  One that will include herbs as a major source of healing for both body and spirit. At Velvet Apothecary we believe that natural medicine and botanical wisdom are bringing women and traditional healers to the forefront of this new age revolution. We wish to  provide a modern safe space, and reliable resources to educate and support the women and healers of the future.

After 10 years as professional hair stylists V.B.A. owners Rachel and Sophia had used  nearly every beauty product on the market, from shampoo to eyeshadow, keratin treatments & amazon clay foundation. While some of these products did work for a short time, the truth is that commercially produced products use tons of chemicals and preservatives that can be harmful to you, especially after years of using them.

Velvet Apothecary is full of natural ingredients that originate in nature and only undergo chemical changes due to natural biological processes; fermentation, distillation, and infusion. We host monthly classes that incorporate our herbal roots and allow us to share with our friends, clients and community the joy and wellness using plants can bring to their lives. 

Velvet Beauty Apothecary is here to inspire and educate, we do not claim to diagnose or prescribe cures to any human ailments. We practice herbalism, and believe that knowledge is power and that only through inspiration and education can we bring about positive change.

Please use the information here as a reference, continue to research the herbs and plants that speak to you. Pick a few herbs you like and practice with them daily, get to know them and get to know your body. Always consult your primary care physician before starting any kind of treatments, and we like to recommend getting a second opinion, because the more you know the better decisions you can make.

Please join us, visit our "New Events" page to find upcoming workshops.