"Their is no I in Team... or Herb." 

Friends and Co-founders Rachel and Sophia here to share a little about ourselves with you....

"We started this journey as two Hair Stylists looking for a better way to style hair. We wanted to enjoy life and make our own rules. Velvet Beauty Apothecary was born one night while we stayed late after work styling each others hair. The idea was to create a space were we could be our authentic selves and provide services that not only made people feel good and look good, but actually were good for you! Not just good for the clients, but good for the environment and the people providing the services. This is our mission, and as we grow we hope to invite Estheticians, Herbalists, Massage Therapists, and Tattoo Artists to join us. We are creating a collective for creative people who want to make the world more beautiful."

- Co Founders Rachel Helzer & Sophia Robinson

Rachel Helzer
Sophia Ro

Rachel Helzer & Sophia Robinson

Rachel Helzer is Velvets practicing Herbalist, Certified in California Western Herbalism and a licensed Cosmetologist with 10 years of Experience in the beauty industry.  She began crafting her own beauty products at home a little more than 4 years ago, simply trying to reduce exposure to the harmful chemicals used in salons and cosmetics. Rachel is currently a Master Stylist in the Mission District of San Francisco, and teaches hair styling, cutting and botanical beauty. Rachel is currently developing a line of professional Botanical Beauty Products.

Sophia Robinson is a master stylist with over 14 years experience as a licensed beauty professional. Her life long journey with anxiety and depression led her to natural herbal remedies where she found healing and relief. Sophia is a green salon and herbal advocate in the San Francisco Bay Area. She comes from an herbal upbringing and understands the value of natural products, and how an eco-friendly approach to beauty is the healthiest choice for beauty professionals and consumers alike. Sophia  joined Velvet in August and is excited to share her love of  herb and her years of experience.


To Join our team please send us an email with resume via the "contact" page.